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Support Your Local Veterans and the American Legion

The Old Town Alexandria American Legion Post (Post 24) is hosting a D-Day Anniversary cookout and fundraiser on June 7. Find more information in the flyer above or purchase tickets online here.   

Fourth Amendment Warrant Exceptions to Search or Seize

The Fourth Amendment The Fourth Amendment requires the government to obtain a search warrant based on probable cause prior to conducting a search of people or their things. There are numerous exceptions to the warrant requirement, however, and criminal jurisprudence continues to evolve in this area. (Previous blog posts discussing changes in Fourth Amendment law can be found here and here.) Each exception has its own complicated history and usually a long line of federal and state cases interpreting the scope of the exception—the finer points of these exceptions areRead More …

When Your Small Business Receives a Subpoena Duces Tecum

A subpoena duces tecum is a formal legal document instructing the recipient to produce certain identified documents, computer files, or other physical items.  Typically, a party to criminal or civil litigation serves this type of subpoena on a non-party in order to identify information helpful to the litigant’s case. There are various other types of subpoenas, such as witness subpoenas, that are not discussed here.   Running a business is difficult and time consuming even in the best of times, so receiving a subpoena can understandably cause stress and confusion toRead More …