Business Litigation

Small and growing businesses are the backbone of our country and of the economy. They are formed and operated by entrepreneurs who take great risks to build something new–and great. These individuals sacrifice and commit their time, energy, and resources to their businesses, but they can’t face every issue alone.

The Law Office of Samuel C. Moore, PLLC, is dedicated to serving the litigation needs of Virginia and Washington, D.C., businesses and the great individuals behind them.  We understand that small and growing businesses need the job done quickly, competently, and without a cost-prohibitive expense. We strive to build a relationship with each business owner as we serve as trusted advisers–from formation through the expected and unexpected legal issues that arise in a business.

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Business Services

– Contracts Drafting and Review
Client Disputes
– Lease Negotiations
Defending/Answering Subpoena
– Vendor Disputes