Business Investigations

A growing business should conduct periodic self assessments to ensure that the company and its employees are complying with the law, the company’s contracts, and applicable regulations or guidelines. A planned Due Diligence investigation can be a more formal assessment conducted by our firm and a team of experts into your business’s operations. This can identify future risk and save the company financial and legal exposure.

Other times, however, your business receives notice out of the blue of a possible legal action from a client, vendor, or state or federal regulatory authority. Similarly, your business may uncover evidence of an on-going crime–such as embezzlement–by an employee or contractor. Regardless of the situation, your company needs to take action immediately to investigate the circumstances and respond effectively to mitigate the risks.

Focus of Virginia Business Investigation

  • Formation/Licensing/Taxation Compliance
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Data Breach or Cyber Attack
  • Embezzlement/Fraud by an Employee
  • Labor Law/Employment Compliance
  • Notice of Pending Lawsuit
  • Receipt of Legal Hold Letter
  • Risk Mitigation

Our office offers cost-effective solutions to your Virginia business investigation needs. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation regarding your Virginia Business Investigation needs.