Business Employment Law

Virginia Business Employment Law Needs

We recognize that your business is not just a job–it supports you and perhaps your family as well; it is an important part of who you are. You devote your time and resources into the business, its employees, and its customers. And despite your best efforts, an employment law complaint may arise.

That is the very nature of running a company, you will receive complaints, you may be threatened with legal action, and you may feel overwhelmed with deciding how to respond. Whether you have a robust HR office or you are running the business alone, you need to know your business’s rights and responsibilities.

Employment Law Training

The most useful employment representation that we can provide to your business is employment law training. While it is impossible to train in advance for every conceivable scenario, a basic understanding between an employer and its employees of some of the most common state and federal employment requirements can prevent needless strife down the road. 

Training may be preventative–meaning, before any issue arises. For example, a one-hour session on sexual harassment in the workplace can be helpful to put all parties on the same page for what the law provides and what an employer expects. 

Likewise, training may be responsive–following a complaint or an incident in the workplace. This often takes the form of anti-retaliation instruction or other remedial training on an employee’s rights in the workplace. 

Employment Law Representation and Litigation

If your business receives a complaint or even if you just hear the initial rumblings of a problem, contact your attorney immediately. Do not wait until the issue results in costly litigation. 

We understand the intricate system of federal and state laws that provide robust protection from harassment and substantial rights in the workplace. We handle a full spectrum of issues arising under these laws, including:

If your Virginia business is seeking employment law training, information, or representation, contact us for a consultation.